Meet the Grower: Birch Creek Farm

Just a few miles from Andy’s, two local farmers are growing the perfect variety of vegetables. From sweet peppers to cucumbers, Birch Creek Farms grows every vegetable that summer needs. John and Greg farm their 9 acres with an incredible passion for locally grown produce. What started out as the simple love for gardening 20

Meet the Grower: Blue Cherry Farms

Introducing Blue Cherry Farms! Providing our Walla Walla community with delicious blueberries grown just a few miles from Andy’s, we love offering you products grown so close to home. Did you know that blueberries are hand picked? At Blue Cherry Farms, attention to detail is their first priority. Growing 7 different blueberry varieties requires a

Meet the Grower: Moonlight Melons

Celebrating their 20th growing season, this is your Meet the Grower with Moonlight Melons! A staple of our Walla Walla Valley, these incredible melons refresh us all summer long and are a true highlight each year. Grown diligently by Laurie and Mike, you can pick up these delicious melons at Andy’s now! But, what makes

Meet the Grower: Jimenez Farms

Our Best in Season local produce is the vibrant and delicious asparagus from Jimenez Farms! We wanted to take you out to the actual farm where these tasty vegetables grow, and present our Meet the Grower: Felipe with Jimenez Farms! ​​​​​​​​​Growing some of our Valley’s best asparagus, Felipe has been cultivating the fertile fields right

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