Celebrating their 20th growing season, this is your Meet the Grower with Moonlight Melons!

A staple of our Walla Walla Valley, these incredible melons refresh us all summer long and are a true highlight each year. Grown diligently by Laurie and Mike, you can pick up these delicious melons at Andy’s now!

But, what makes these melons so delicious? Grown to the perfect size to eat on your own or share with the whole family, these melons are grown right here in Walla Walla’s special soil. Ready to go home with you from late July to late September, we get to enjoy this locally grown delicacy fresh from the field for a few spectacular months!

Did you know that watermelons do not continue to ripen once taken off the vine?

Unlike tomatoes and some other produce, watermelons stop growing once harvested. This is one of the main reasons choosing locally grown melons will offer a greater flavor and be ripened just the right amount. At Moonlight Melons, they harvest daily to bring only the freshest and best melons to us here at Andy’s! That level of expertise and dedication is tasted in each and every bite of these lovely melons.

Have you ever tried their yellow Heirloom melon? Sweet, delicate, and refreshing, you will love these little melons as a summer snack in the sun! Similar to a honeydew melon, these Heirlooms are the perfect side kick to the perfect watermelon.

At Moonlight Melons they grow some of the best seedless watermelons around. But, how do you grow something seedless? Seedless watermelons are sterile and must be grown with a seeded melon in order for pollination to happen! So, those big and beautiful seeded watermelons do more than taste great – they also make it possible to grow their seedless counterparts! Farming really is all about community.

We asked this incredible farming family what their favorite way to eat their melons is. Laurie says she is a ‘purist’ and loves them “plain like God made them,” and Mike loves them straight out of the field. There really is nothing better than truly fresh produce. And – because of this incredible family – you can experience that perfect melon fresh off the farm yourself.

Laurie loves to grow these melons, but she loves our community even more. She loves that these melons bring people together at grocery stores & farmer’s markets across the Valley every summer. She cherishes those connections, and loves to offer our amazing community the best and freshest melons. Stop in at Andy’s and pick up some of these lovely melons today!

Your destination for nourishing food, we love to partner with our local farms to serve our incredible Walla Walla Valley.

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