For the love of the land and for the love of incredible asparagus, this is Jimenez Farms!

Just a few miles from Andy’s Market and nestled at the base of the hills bordering our valley, this long-time asparagus farm makes accessing fresh and locally grown asparagus possible every single spring season! 

Asparagus is harvested by hand, making this crop a time intensive and laborious one to cultivate, care for, and harvest. 

But, with Felipe at the helm, this local farm is able to supply our valley with the most delicious asparagus varieties, green AND purple, from April through June! 

A huge fan of the sweeter purple asparagus variety, Felipe encourages you to give the purple a try! He says this variety is, “juicy, sweet, and tender” and anyone that has enjoyed this variety is sure to agree!

Originally from Guatemala, Felipe has been working the soil of the Walla Walla Valley since the 1980’s and we have been adding his delicious asparagus to our spring meals for over 15 years.

There is nothing Felipe would rather do than work his farm. He can be heard saying, “I just love to be out here,” while surveying his incredible fields filled with asparagus bursting through the ground towards the sun. 

But, Jimenez Farms doesn’t just grow asparagus – they also grow gorgeous heirloom tomatoes! Back at Andy’s again this year when they are ready, few things are as good as a fresh tomato right off the local farm!

Next time you stop into either of our Andy’s locations, pick up a bundle or two of this locally grown asparagus and be sure to give the purple variety a try!

Your destination for nourishing and local food, we love to partner with incredible farmers like Felipe to bring their fresh produce to our Walla Walla Valley community!

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