As the final touches are being added to our new Andy’s Meat Department, we wanted to introduce you to the amazing team that has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to help make this brand new department possible!

Meet Bryon, Zack, Martin and Douglas, our Andy’s Market Maintenance Team! 

Over this past year, they  have worked to retrofit all of our refrigeration units, tie in our new units with our new rack system, revamp our freezers and coolers, all while keeping both our stores running at maximum efficiency!

Their latest project has been restoring one of our walk-in freezers. To do this big job, all of the product was moved to our temporary freezer unit. Once the walk-in freezer was empty and warmed up, our maintenance crew could then tie this freezer into our new refrigeration system.

A large part of creating our new Meat Department has been upgrading our outdated refrigeration system. This meant running miles of copper piping throughout Andy’s Market to create new walk-in cooler locations and switch our legacy systems over to the more efficient refrigeration system. While it may not look all that different in our store, behind the walls and in the ceilings are many miles of brand-new copper pipes.

Running all that pipe meant that these hard workers were brazing copper pipes in small crawl spaces and throughout the store for many months!

Environmental efficiency is a priority for us and our maintenance team has been instrumental in this massive store-wide project!

But, this skilled group  doesn’t just help build new departments – they also maintain both our grocery store locations! 

Our Maintenance Team maintains four different refrigeration systems at Andy’s Market and The Market by Andy’s in downtown Walla Walla. They work alongside our team of contractors for large-scale projects and maintain the store’s lights, plumbing, laundry facility, and handle any HVAC, electrical, or mechanical work needed. 

Our Maintenance Team also trains our team on forklift operations, maintains our many pallet jacks, truck dock, and much more! 

It’s a lot of work keeping a grocery store well-maintained and we are so lucky to have such a dedicated and skilled maintenance team!

While most of their work happens behind the scenes, this team is an integral part of our grocery store operations and none of this would be possible without their hard work and dedication!

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