From locally raised cows to the best handcrafted cheese, this is Walla Walla Cheese Co.! 

Located in downtown Milton Freewater just a few miles from Andy’s, delicious cheese is crafted by an incredible local team of cheese makers and experts!

It all starts with raw milk straight from Creamline Farms! This farm-fresh milk arrives at the cheese kitchen at Walla Walla Choose Co. and is immediately turned into around 5 different varieties of delicious cheese! 

Jeff, the owner of Walla Walla Cheese, was a dairy farmer for Tillamook for 23 years and his wife was a veterinarian! Looking for a way to explore dairy further, Jeff and his wife fell in love with the cheese making process! 

Jeff says, “we are still learning about what we can improve and I think it’s pretty cool – the transformation from milk into cheese.” 

With a close friendship with Creamline Farms and their parent company, Umapine Creamery, local cheese making is all about community. 

Creamline Farms provides the local dairy to Walla Walla Cheese Co. and Walla Walla Cheese Co. shares their space with Creamline Farms so that they can bottle and process their dairy! Magic really does happen when two local dairy businesses join forces to serve their community the best dairy products possible!

Some of the cheeses at Walla Walla Cheese Co. age for three or four years. A significant investment in time and money, making the perfect cheese is a science and an art!

The difference between cheeses often comes from a very slight change in the cheese making process and, with a lot of the cheese making process done by hand, this amazing team is heavily involved in the production of each variety and flavor of cheese!

Did you know that many mass-produced cheeses are often colored so that every single block looks just like the other? Cheddar is actually very light in color and most cheese is white! This seasonality in cheese color is caused by the diet of the cows the milk comes from! In the winter months when there is less grass to graze the cheese will take on a slightly different color than cheese made in summer when the pastures are vibrant green! 

Jeff’s favorite cheese for a cheeseburger is their Smoked Cheddar Peppercorn and he loves their fresh Cheese Curds as a tasty snack or on top of salads. Their most popular cheeses are their Truffle Cheese varieties! Made with real truffles, this cheese is guaranteed to be a show-stopper! 

Craving some local cheese but not sure where to start? Jeff recommends trying out a type of cheese that you normally enjoy! The depth of flavor and incredible texture of local cheese is a true treat! 

Stop by our Andy’s locations to take home some of this incredible locally crafted cheese!

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